Kim Clarke

Bassist, Composer, Bandleader, Website Developer, Earring Designer, and Educator

Kim ClarkeShe performs alternately on the Acoustic Bass, Electric Upright , four and five-stringed Electric Bass Guitar as the situation demands. She holds B.A.’s in Communications and Music from City College and Long Island University respectively, and is a 3- time recipient of the coveted N E A Jazz Study Fellowship. Ms Clarke is also a long-time student of the Jazzmobile and Barry Harris Workshops] and continues her formal studies with the wisdom gained therein. She was also a member of Harris’ Jazz Cultural Theatre’s house band for the famed Art Blakey Breakfast Jam.

As an acoustic bassist Kim traveled most notably with the late Joe Henderson Quartet (1986-7) throughout Europe. Internationally she is noted as “at home in the Ron Carter School of HardBop”, “a dynamic Woman in Jazz who supported the intense rhythm of the Henderson group with unsuspected vitality and melodic solo passages..” as electric bassist is noted in the bio of the famed bassist Larry Graham; a great early influence on her playing concept.

With the owners of the Jazz (aka Jazz Spot Café), Lillithe Myers and her daughter Tiecha Merritt ,Kim created and produced the “LADY GOT CHOPS Women’s Month Jazz Festival” .

After the closure of the café in 2009, Kim continued the project with the support of women artists and caring club owners .The grassroots festival his celebrating its 12th year (2014) honoring Women’s History Month through the musical contributions of over 170 women. During the Haiti Crisis of 2010 participants collectively donated over $1400 to Doctors Without Borders. The 10th Annual Festival honored Cobi Narita, Wendy Oxenhorn and the owners of the Jazz Spot Cafe, Lilithe Meyers and Tiecha Merritt.

Over the years Kim has also toured with international artists such as : George Gruntz , Christy Doran,Fredy Studer,Erika Stucky, Marilyn Mazur, Annie Whitehead and Ursula Dudziak. Her experiences include tours with Joseph Bowie’s Defunkt, National Black Theatre,The Are and Be Ensemble, Yusef Lateef Quartet,Teri Thornton Trio, Bertha Hope Trio, Robert Palmer , Kit McClure Big Band, Rachel Z Trio, Bigfood, Wallace Roney and Cindy Blackman Quartet,Rhonda Ross-Kendrick, Oliver Lake and Jump Up, James Blood Ulmer Experience, Jack Mc Duff Quartet, Rodney Kendricks Quartet, Jazzberry Jam .

She has performed England,Iceland,Norway,Sweden,Denmark, Netherlands, Germany,Switzerland, Finland,Lithuania,Slovenia,Czech Republic,Romania,Spain, France,Italy,Sicily,Serbia, Portugal,Corsica, Sardegna,San Seb astian, Greece,Nice,Austria,Ireland, Lichtenstein,Poland, Belgium ,Turkey,Pakistan,Japan,Guyana, Trinidad and Nassau. The vast majority of these locales were traversed in the 1980’s as a member of Joseph Bowie’s Defunkt “Downtown in the 80’s” and “Millenium” lineups.

Currently she is working on a duo album project and developing a study program, with pianist Bertha Hope and Jazzberry Jam, geared to mentoring Bronx high school girls through Jazz Studies at Womens Academy of Excellence.

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